Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful way of balancing body energy with body structure.

It is one of the few forms of bodywork which works directly with the bones and the foundation joints, acknowledging the bone as flexible tissue which changes, listens and responds to events in our lives.

"Bone holds our deepest and oldest memories, it reacts to joy or shock, breathes and fails to breathe. Diet, trauma, work, and sensory stimulation all profoundly affect the growth and quality of our bones. Bone carries the imprint of all that we do, and of where we have been" It is by working with the bone and the energy flow within it that Z.B. effectively helps to release deeply and chronically held tensions in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

During the course of the session the client remains fully clothed and lies on their back on a treatment couch. 'The practitioner uses finger pressure and held stretches to  provide  points of stillness around which the body can intelligently release deeply held tension, offering us a new level of experience and integration'